Radojka Šverko

Radojka Šverko is one of Croatia’s most prominent musical divas, whose distinguishable, luxurious voice has been recognized by many festivals in the country and abroad.

Although her professional singing career began in 1967, Šverko became known to the wider public after her performance of “Kud plovi ovaj brod” at the Split music festival in 1970, when the great Italian star Sergio Endrigo was an alternate for the same song. Her first major international achievement came with a the third place at the 1969 Festival del Atlantico in Tenerife, earned with a song “Nuestro mundo” by Alfi Kabiljo. The following year, she received the Most Outstanding Performance award after singing “Svijet je moj”, also written by Alfi Kabiljo, becoming the first artist to win this recognition after the famed Janis Joplin.

The list of venues where she performed and won awards continues with Tokyo, Los Angeles, Madrid, Seoul, Athens, Puerto Rico, Caracas, Curacao, Bratislava, Florence, Palma de Mallorca, Rio de Janeiro, etc. At some of these festivals, Šverko outperformed David Bowie and Natalie Cole, who were also among her competitors.

During the 1980s, Radojka Šverko made a career in theatre. Her debut was in the Gubec-beg rock opera as Jana (directed by Vlado Štefančić), followed by a role in Grička vještica, another rock opera (the character of Nera), Les Misérables the musical (as Fantine), and rock opera Karolina Riječka (starring as Karolina). Radojka Šverko likes to have religious music on her repertoire often, and to perform it in churches accompanied by the organ, a choir, or a chamber orchestra. This repertoire features music written by Bach, Gounod, Schubert, Verdi, and Mozart, among others.

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